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Blood bank refrigerator, blood storage refrigerator, blood refrigerator

What is Blood Bank Refrigerator (BBR)?

Blood Bank Refrigerator or Blood Storage Refrigerator or Blood Refrigerator for Blood Bank

Blood bank refrigerator (BBR) OR Blood storage refrigerator is a designated temperature controlled refrigeration equipment specifically designed to store blood bags, blood refrigerator operates at temperatures between 2°C and 6°C, so that they are continually arranged for emergency exchange.

Blood bank refrigerator employs strict security standards to avoid tampering. Blood storage refrigerator is generally used in blood banks, laboratories and hospitals. Blood storage refrigerator is designed for the precise requirements of blood banking and processing applications.

Every blood bank refrigerator is not blood refrigerator, temperature uniformity is the foremost specification for blood bag storage, other parameters to deal with while buying such cabinet are bags capacity, number of shelves, the material of construction (MOC), safety features and mainly standards & certifications.

Blood bank refrigerators manufacturers and suppliers should be ISO and CE certified to meet their stringent requirements of blood bags at the correct temperature range. It should be C.E. or US FDA Approved.

Blood storage cabinets come in different designs including chest, bench top and floor standing. Using high-quality refrigeration system and certified components, blood refrigerator offers precise temperature control so that the blood and blood components are kept at a suitable temperature in order to minimize the growth of any bacterial contamination.

The basic model of blood refrigerator is manufactured for common capacities often required by customers; from 30 to 1500 bags or more. Depending upon the quantity and size of blood bags, these models can be further customized to meet their specific requirements. Scope of customization includes cabinet size, number of shelves, operating instruments, number of doors (single door, double doors and three doors) and temperature controller etc.

Internal Capacity

The inner size capacity of a blood bank refrigerator is measured by number of blood bags stored inside the refrigerator. Common models are available in 50, 100, 200, 300 & more blood bags capacities. Furthermore, these can be constructing in bench top and floor standing models. Blood bank refrigerator should be able to contain standard blood bags for each of 350ml/450 ml capacity or 350-400 liters’ net volume.

Material of Construction

The exterior chamber should be of rust proof material and have inner SS sheet 304 grades (Non Corrosive & Non Magnetic) and the exterior is made of powder coated GI metal sheet that feature rust free outer. The 100 mm gap between the walls is insulated high grade PUF (Poly Urethane Foam), which ensures maximum thermal efficiency.

Temperature Controller

Blood storage refrigerator is equipped with three types of digital temperature controller i.e. P.I.D temp controller or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based temp controllers or microprocessor based temp controller in order to maintain preferable temperature accuracy and uniformity. This controller shows both SV (set value) and PV (present value) on the LED screen. Digital temperature (LED) display with 0.1⁰C graduation temperature recording device.

Audio Visual Alarms

Blood refrigerator should have visual, audible indication for door open, high and low temperature and power on. Blood refrigerator should have audio visual temperature alarm is provided in the unit for protection during temperature fluctuations. Safety system to ensure secure locking of the door. Battery backup for alarm and temperature recording device with minimum 4 hrs battery backup. SMS alerts to user defined recipients in case of any deviation in temperature break down and power failure with provision to connect with central (Temperature) monitoring system.

Temperature Monitoring

In order to monitor accurate temperature of blood refrigerator, digital sensor (PT-100) is dipped in liquid medium. This temperature monitoring system uses to read accurate temperature of blood bags and avoids temperature deviation due to frequent opening closing of door. Blood bank refrigerator should be provided with a temperature recorder (weekly chart recorder) or PLC memory storage.

Hold Over & Cooling Down Time

A full load of blood packs at +4⁰C (+/-1⁰C) takes at least 30 minutes to rise to above +6⁰C. Internal temperature hold over time in case of power failure should be at least 90 minutes.

A full load of blood bags at +25⁰C takes a maximum of 13 hrs for all the packs to reach below +6⁰C.

Internal Temperature Controller

Electronic temperature control, range +2⁰C to +6⁰C with setting uniformity of +/-1⁰C whatever the load. Blood storage refrigerator should have fan air cooling safety system to avoid negative temperatures. Blood refrigerator should have sensors for activating automatic defrost cycles to minimize the frost build up. There must be Safety thermostat for avoiding negative temperature.

Doors and Trays

Blood bank refrigerator is equipped with 1 or 2 doors, one is inner door which is made of toughened glass and fitted in aluminum frame, and the external door is insulated and equipped with magnetic gasket and powerful door latch having lock and key. Blood bank refrigerator should have an inner door of easy viewing material like glass or transparent. A toughened glass window can also be fitted as an option.


Blood storage refrigerator should have sliding trays or roll out type baskets made of stainless steel. Corrosion Resistant (CR at least 1mm thickness). Shelves are removable and made of stainless steel thick round wires and designed in such a way that bags are kept in horizontal position and labels are clearly visible. Number of shelves depends upon volume of blood refrigerator.

Air Circulation & Refrigeration

Blood refrigerator system should have a positive forced air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity at all shelf levels with +/-1⁰C.

Compression type refrigerator that uses CFC- free refrigerant (R134A) gas and electricity supply from the national grid. Blood storage refrigerator should have automatic defrost system.


For illumination under refrigerator LED light or Fluorescent Lamp is fitted. Light is controlled through door open close or user can directly switch On/Off through front control panel.

Data Acquisition and Control System

A few exclusive module which can be integrated with Blood storage refrigerator to log in temperature and environment associated data with a help of a data logger unit which has pc connectivity by medium of RS232C interface. This data is then inspect and formatted with the help of our unique convenient analysis software to enable the user to get a formatted and analyzed reports of various inputs during the full operation cycle of the refrigerator. This is an ideal module for blood banks where maintaining a viable record of the performance of the equipment is very essential. It has Bulk data storage capacity with high data retention life. Facility to obtain nicely formatted print out of the logged data or records with proper headers. System provided facility to program recording interval with various options to suit individual requirements. It is provided with the feature to adjust or select baud rate for any serial communication port.

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage: 220/240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz single phase. Blood refrigerator meets electrical safety specification such as that of IEC or National, International, standards for electrical safety. Should provide compatible voltage stabilizer. (pref. Inbuilt)


In order to gain optimum use of a blood bank refrigerator there are various accessories offers by manufacturer with blood refrigerator. Using caster wheels these machines can become movable, caster wheels can be locked. Various safety alarms are also fitted such as for door open and sudden temperature change etc. Weekly temperature chart recorder and RS232 interface can also be fitted on request. Technical Manual in English with operational details should be provided with blood storage refrigerator.

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