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Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

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Universal Testing Machine or commonly called UTM is a general purpose machine used to check tension load and compression load applied via different fixtures to test materials. Any test material that has elongation or compression properties can be tested in UTM machine. Test sample can be any material, component or a structure.

In different industries or sectors, universal Testing Machine is referred differently but it serves the similar purpose. For example, it is referred as ‘tensile strength tester’, ‘tensile testing equipment’, ‘compression testing machine, ‘compression strength tester’, etc. For food industry, it is specifically marketed as ‘Texture Analyzer’.

Some most commonly performed tests in UTM are: tensile test, compression test, 3 point bend test, seal break test, bond test, etc

UTM is a very versatile machine and many tests can be performed with single UTM. We have shortlisted 10 of the most performed tests in UTM.

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